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In-depth analysis of video surveillance applications in the railway station

In-depth analysis of video surveillance applications in the railway station

Security Industry Network 2014-06-07 10:02:41

Rapid development in the information age, intelligence and with the development of science and technology to gradually improve. HDMonitorAs part of the system, plays an important role. HD monitoring system with an intuitive, accurate, timely and rich content features.

Camera Station installed in the pit mouth for some security, some crime prevention and control for the station area, basically covering the whole area of ​​the railway station. The camera is shooting HD video, on duty Members can Station Square, ticket hall, waiting room, pit mouth, the site, the station and other places, as well as passenger accurate knowledge of law and order. Meanwhile, the camera can also be clear and complete record of criminals every move.

Can be seen on the big screen inside the train station command center monitoring, real-time video information pit mouth, ticket hall, waiting room and other places at the same time clearly show. Where the operator wants to watch For details, simply double-click the corresponding window on the computer screen, the real-time situation to be able to zoom in on the big screen in full screen. Control the camera with the mouse all rely on the operator to complete on a computer screen. The system is simple operation Then, also has a real-time playback, live pictures and other functions, and some cameras also have infrared night vision function. Meanwhile, the system also helps to effectively curb the railway police wrongdoing, the investigation of cases; help people looking to go Scattered relatives, lost items, to ensure that passengers travel safely.

First, the application analyzes

From the current situation, the technical protection, building effectiveVideo SurveillanceDepartment System is the most effective and powerful way, the video surveillance system can be all-round, all-weather, 24-hour monitoring of all the people and things. Regional Monitoring Station Square including theft, robbery, fraud monitoring and prevention, Ticket Office Ticket order monitoring and combating scalpers monitoring and forensics, preventing passengers waiting room monitoring personal and property safety, and monitoring of staff services, monitor visitors stop pit mouth and the staff is in accordance with the order Operating requirements, the site is in a safe area for passengers waiting vehicle orderly arrival monitored.

Station video surveillance system, based on the current bandwidth is abundant and stable performance of computer communication networks, using current advanced video codec technology, stable and powerful performance of a variety of integratedVideo camera, Pickups and other audio and video capture devices, will be distributed within the range of multiple monitoring points the station becomes a system that provides functionality for local monitoring station monitoring and management center staff and police officers, the system set aside public network interface, support for higher management of remote video monitoring of the operations of the station.

Monitoring point is the front-end equipment cameras, audio and video codec audio and video capture devices based encoding function modules, the main camera on the station vehicle entrance channel, the station Station Square, Station ticket office, the station waiting room, station pit mouth, station sites and other areas of video capture, the open area boundary, Station Square, monitoring, optional high-definition with the circadian system conversionPTZCameras, to ensure all-weather monitoring requirements, adjusted according to the needs of multiple video direction and camera focal length, to monitor subtle, for the station ticket office, station pit mouth, such as fixed-point monitoring point, you can choose a fixed angle high-definition bolt, for site monitoring, need to use a large depth of field camera.

Former General Station Station Square, site of the exhaust, dust and more, the camera selected protection level must be high, preferably with automatic dust removal feature.

Second, the structure analysis

Video coding compression equipment, according to the actual needs and the number of channels of video monitoring points are selected for the important places on the video image quality requirements of high places, optional coding ability of theNetworkVideoServer, The current network video encoder can already reach D1 (720 × 576) resolution, for the multi-channel video monitoring point locations, choose a multi-channel network video server, optional multi-channel devices currently have 4-channel, 8-channel, 16-channel , 32 channels (rackmount).

(A) the video surveillance network architecture

Most stations already have the internal communications network, a video surveillance system can directly use the existing internal network stations, video surveillance division dedicated VLAN, no need to increase investment, with high economic practicality.

(B) video surveillance terminal

Video surveillance terminal can be divided into monitoring client PC, control roomTV wallSystem / projection screen, leading portable terminal, WEB terminal several forms. Monitoring client PC and leadership for the same kind of portable monitoring terminal monitor mode, simply install the software on a PC monitor terminal and portable machine to ensure smooth network, you can point to the front-end video monitoring real-time monitoring, control room video wall / projection big screen then through online videoDecoderThe network digital video decoder output is an analog video signal, and then access the video wall or large screen projection.

(C) manage the distribution platform

Center management platform as the core system management services, for access to video equipment, system users, monitor client account management and authentication, authorization, and user equipment, sub-sector, sub-level authorization, the establishment of large-capacity storage arrays for front-end equipment The video for central storage, document server, available for download video files and video retrieval, playback.

Video distribution platform for video surveillance and monitoring points client scheduling and distribution of video data for all monitoring points in front of the terminal and, after dispatching distribution platform, the video data may pass through the center management platform, to be a direct path transmission, which can effectively relieve stress surveillance video data on the network.

Third, functional analysis

(A) video monitoring

Users can client PC, TV wall control center for all monitoring pointsMonitoringIn order to understand the situation and the progress of clearance of goods, services, hall staff working conditions, the system supports single-screen, multi-screen functionality, support for OSD function, the user can on the client PC on the front-end image quality settings, the effect is reflected in real time.

(B) the video storage, retrieval, playback, download

All video monitoring points are real-time video, stored inDVR, The station control room staff may, within the local network settings on the DVR video surveillance points each video retrieval, playback and download. Superior access to the monitoring center can be reserved via the LAN port of the communication link, connecting DVR playback downloading retrieval operations.

(C) User management

Users of the system-level, sub-domain management, different rights at different levels of users, operating within the system can be different, to increase the security of the system.

(D) the system log management functions

User login system, a variety of operational and monitoring systems have quit logging feature, log query facilitate future.

(E) alarm and alarm linkage

The system supports a variety of normally open normally closed switch alarm signal access, but also can access a variety of communication interfaces alarmAlarm hostFor receiving the alarm signal, in accordance with customer needs to initiate various joint programs, such as call preset pointsSound and light alarm110 telephone linkage linkage program.

(Six) WEB services

System architecture WEB browsing platform, Station Square, outlets and other public places can access the WEB browser video platform, create links in the city Harbor, for visitors to use common IE browser, you can understand the passenger station and ticketing function information.

(Seven) electronic map function

Establishment of the station electronic map, you can monitor the location of the point and alarm unit on the electronic map accurately marked down, the position of each camera can be pre-set according to the actual scene presets, users can monitor the electronic map for each point fast operation.

IV Summary

The level of public safety for railway operations increasing demands will further promote the application and development of video surveillance trains, while constantly upgrading technology and intelligent monitoring platform technologies will push the train video surveillance system further towards practical, safe railway applications guarantee to provide strong support.

Train station around the country as an important place for the masses everyday travel, security and stability of these establishments on the stability and unity of the protection of society, people live and work played a very important role. Meanwhile the train station is also the most prone to criminal event venues, where robbery have occurred from time to cheat, ticket brokers run amok, where personnel, personnel complex and high traffic. How to protect personal and property safety Past guests Whole, maintain a normal station operation order to combat all kinds of criminals and unscrupulous traders, illegal vehicles, effectively curb illegal activities, managers and the police are all over the thorniest issues, how to better safeguard the security station area Stable management put on the agenda.