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Fast Response Body Temperature Detection Face Recognition DeviceFast Response Body Temperature Detection Face Recognition DeviceFast Response Body Temperature Detection Face Recognition DeviceFast Response Body Temperature Detection Face Recognition Device

Fast Response Body Temperature Detection Face Recognition Device

  • Type: R1
  • Video in: 1channel AHD1080P/720P,can be upgrade to 3 channel
  • Video out: 1channel CVBS out
  • Temperature detect
  • Touchless detect:  Infrared thermal imaging
  • Imaging resolution: 32*32
  • Detection accuracy: ±0.3℃
  • Detection distance: 30~100cm(recommended 50cm)
  • Alarm point: 37.3℃
  • display
  • 7“ HD display:  Human temperature value, thermal image, visible light image
  • Video program
  • Video format:  H.265
  • Audio format:  ADPCM、G.711A、G.711U
  • Image Resolution:  AHD10800P(1920X1080)/AHD720P(1280X720)
  • Image Quality: 1-8grade( grade 1 is best)
  • Replay
  • replay channel: Support replay locally in device
  • Browse mode: According Event, time, video needs
  • Net works:  works 4G: TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/EVDO/TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE .etc
  • Positioning: GPS/BD: Positioning, time synchronization
  • Storage: TF cards: TF card x2
  • Power in: DC 9~36V
  • Device size: 180x162x50mm
  • weight: ≈1.0KG
  • Working temp: ‐30℃~+85℃
  • Working humidity: 10%~90%RH

In order to better assist people in preventing and controlling new corona viruses, and to meet the constraints of narrow spaces and complex operating environments such as buses, passenger cars, and school buses, a series of human temperature measurement systems were quickly introduced based on the company's on-board products. 
The series of products are optimized with a combination of practical design concepts, intelligent module integration, and image recognition technology to achieve new technological innovations in vehicle video surveillance products. The main function of the product is to monitor the human body temperature in real time, quickly screen the fever group with extremely high body temperature, and improve the work efficiency of each activity link. Safely and effectively solve the two major problems of commercial vehicle application environment video surveillance and passenger body temperature screening. While ensuring the safety of inspections, it can improve the efficiency of temperature measurement inspections and comprehensively help prevent and control the epidemic.


This intelligent monitoring and temperature measurement integrated machine uses the principle of non-contact infrared thermal imaging, which has high temperature measurement efficiency and avoids cross infection, and meets the needs of human body temperature preliminary screening. It can quickly complete the temperature measurement function, intelligent voice alarm, real-time recording of personnel image information, and realize the simultaneous storage of information locally and in the cloud. When the passenger's body temperature is abnormal, a real-time voice triggers an alarm to remind the driver to do further prevention and control. The system can support the automatic generation of visual data reports in the cloud, which facilitates the unified management of boarding passengers, and enables the epidemic to be traced and analyzed.


Touchless temp detect
Real-time video surveillance
Support 1080P, H.265 format
Double TF card data storage
Real-time monitoring screen and thermal imaging screen
Intelligent voice prompts and alarms
Face detection and snapshot
4G full Netcom wireless communication(optional)
GPS / BeiDou dual-mode positioning (optional)
Support Ministry Standard Platform
Support remote system upgrade

Size (mm

Application case

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